Apartments and resort containers

Mobile container modules for compact living ortiny houses as it’s generally referred too.The idea is to have mobile living units regardless how remote area you operate in. Clients in oil, windfarms, resort and tourism like these compact models since they areeasily moved. Client’s choose container solution over other possible solutions since the endurance of container structure make them last long. This makes the ROI stand out as they operate for years. You can order with or without septic tanks (clean water, grey water and black water) depending on your need. This makes the setup on various location easy, clean and fast. All container are designed for optimum performance and incorporates the most durable running gear, all current US/EU regulations are met. Although we have a core range of standard units with multiple options for configuration, we can also produce completely unique units to your preference and need.

With this solution you can meet the basic needs for staff even if you are operating in remote location. Tourism in remote location for summer events like fishing and hunting and hiking, if needed for your business to move them to your winter location for snow mobiling, skiing it’s a small operation to get that executed.

If you need water cleaning to a temporary resort location or youare in a state where is difficult to drill for water due to municipality restriction, problem solved.

Below are a selection of our more common floor plans, but of course we can build any configuration that you require