OUR Event and party containers

Mobile container modules with durable solution for events and parties. This makes the setup on location easy, clean, windsecure and fast. All container are designed for optimum performance and incorporates the most durable running gear, all current US/EU regulations are met. Although we have a core range of standard units with multiple options for configuration, we can also produce completely unique units tosuit the needs of your business.Bar is possible to use for events and use desk to promote material and LED to market you in moving pictures to make you more attractive at a show. Uses for these are normally, events, shows, food and drink service, new popup breweries, temporary parties at restaurant/bar to show special event and serve beverage to visitor.

Purpose of making sides move hydraulically is that one employee/person can open and close shop by themself.

LED screen is for advertisement, sport events, car dealership as they have a weekend promotion and many more option. It runs from a remote control, you swipe movies from ground up to screen if you have the Wi-Fi code. Curtain runs of the remote as well and main purpose is to protect screen in transport and during night as you close event down.

Below are a selection of our more common floor plans, but of course we can build any configuration that you require